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Greek Energy Market Report
Greek Energy Market Report 2022 | Powered by National Bank of Greece

The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics is proud to present for yet another year the "Greek Energy Market Report 2022".

The report has been established as HAEE’s flagship project and it has also become a reference point for Energy stakeholders – private sector, policy makers, government authorities, NGOs etc. looking for direct and insightful information about the energy market in Greece and its position within an international context.

Greek Energy Market Report 2021 | Powered by National Bank of Greece

The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics is proud to present the "Greek Energy Market Report 2021".

In line with the previous publications of 2019 and 2020, the Report's third edition considers all the advances related to the Greek energy sector, by providing the most recent available data. Special attention is paid to the impact Covid-19 had on the global energy market, both on demand and energy supply. The Report illustrates a solid analysis for several sectors affecting the road towards the Energy Transition, and serves as a unique and very valuable tool for anyone interested in studying the Greek energy market, through a high-level analysis accompanied by key points to consider. 

Greek Energy Market Report 2020 | Powered by National Bank of Greece

For a second consecutive year, the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics proudly presents the "Greek Energy Market Report 2020". The report reviews and analyzes in detail the whole spectrum of the Greek Energy market based on the most recent data and valuable insights. The study provides illustrative statistics regarding the Country Profile, the ongoing Energy Transition, and the formation of the Hellenic Energy Exchange. Moreover, the "Greek Energy Market Report 2020" reviews all the developments and statistics derived from the 
Electricity and Natural Gas markets, the increased penetration of Renewable Energy Sources, the importance of Oil & Refining for Greece, the recent developments in terms of Energy Efficiency and the projected Investments towards the Energy market.

You can download free of charge the Greek Energy Market Report 2020.

Greek Energy Market Report 2019 | Powered by National Bank of Greece

HAEE stands ready to analyze and review the course of the energy transition in the Greek market through its newly released "Greek Energy Market Report 2019" by providing all the most recent data and valuable insights. In this regard, HAEE’s annual report manages to identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of the Greek energy market during a time of great change. The goal is to provide a full and clear picture of the Greek energy landscape to international and domestic companies, leading market players, regulators and policy makers. Progress is assessed through a series of variables including the country's goals for 2020 and 2030, demographics, statistics and regulatory frameworks.

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