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In Focus, Issue 03 | The Next Day of the Greek Energy Landscape

The 3rd issue of "In Focus" entitled "The NEXT DAY of the GREEK ENERGY LANDSCAPE" explores how the "New" NECP aims and national objectives are impacting the future of the Greek energy landscape. Ιt explores the "future" of the eight pillars of energy strategy (fossil fuels, solar and onshore wind, offshore wind, green hydrogen, energy storage, grid/interconnections, energy efficiency, and e-mobility), the investments and the projects planned for the near future. This issue concludes with recommendations that address several different areas for achieving a more effective and sustainable energy system.


In Focus, Issue 02 | Accelerating Energy Transition Investments

The 2nd issue of "In Focus" is entitled "Accelerating Energy Transition Investments". The edition gives an overview of the key investment schemes at European and national level, and focuses on the emerging technology solutions, presenting the major developments in the respective investment activities. Last but not least, the issue highlights the threats and opportunities that may arise from an "accelerated transition" and investments may be affected by these.

In Focus, Issue 01 | The European Energy Security in the spotlight

HAEE launches a new online publication "In Focus", dedicated to contribute to knowledge advancement of energy economics. The first issue "The European Energy Security in the spotlight" adumbrates the reasons that led to the EU’s dependency on Russian natural gas, delves into the implications of the Russia-Ukraine war in Europe, examines the possible challenges and limitations that the REPowerEU plan may entail and highlights the possible opportunities for Greece to overcome the energy crisis and be transformed into a regional energy hub.

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