Why join HAEE

Founded in 2015, The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics offers many benefits to those in the Energy Industry. Members gain a broader understanding of energy economics, policymaking and theory. Members, also, belong to an international network of energy experts from the academic, industry, finance and public sectors, have access to some of the latest energy research results, and participate in meetings and conferences that are truly informative.

Membership in the Association is drawn from a wide variety of people with interest in energy, environment and, economy issues, including universities, government, international agencies, regulatory bodies, industry, and the financial sector.

Particular areas of expertise are energy economics, energy policy, environmental protection with a focus on the EU energy system, world energy markets, climate policy and the future energy landscape.

HAEE’s publications and conferences provide reliable and up to date information on all topics and challenges within the energy industry, while members enjoy the opportunity to network within the largest Association of energy professionals.

Anyone with an active interest in the field of energy economics is eligible for membership in the HAEE and will benefit from belonging.


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