Greek Energy Market Report

Greek Energy Market Report 2021 | Powered by National Bank of Greece

The Report consists of nine distinct chapters, covering most of the developments in the energy sector:

Chapter 1 covers the Country Profile of Greece by analyzing and providing the key statistics, accompanied by a careful examination of the pandemic effect on the Greek energy market.
Chapter 2 provides an illustrative summary of the National Plan for Energy and Climate by pointing out the country’s energy-related targets towards the Energy Transition.
Chapter 3 focuses on the Electricity sector, highlighting various issues related to generation, capacities, prices, imports, exports, and the emerging market of Eco-mobility.
A robust examination of the formation and role of the newly established Hellenic Energy Exchange under the official operation of the Target Model, is provided in Chapter 4.
Chapter 5 is dedicated to Natural Gas and explores all the developments that occurred in the market followed by the recent liberalization. The section highlights, all the characteristics affecting supply, demand, and import prices, while mid-term and long terms projects are depicted as well.
Chapter 6 focuses on the significant penetration of Renewable Energy Sources in Greece, by providing unique data, market analysis, and an update regarding the
recent regulatory framework.
Chapter 7 covers the Oil and Refining market, which continues to play a crucial role for the country, since it heavily contributes to the overall economic growth of Greece.
Energy Efficiency is extensively analyzed in Chapter 8, highlighting the progress of Greece towards achieving all its energy-related goals in various sectors, such as
transportation, industry, and households.
Finally, by linking global and European energy Investment trends with the current developments in Greece, Chapter 9 outlines the existing framework in terms of the ongoing and future energy investments, that are anticipated to substantially contribute to the effort of Greece to recover from the devastating crisis of Covid-19.

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