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Chairman Welcome Message

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the new website of the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics.

It is, by all means, an honor to be part of an interdisciplinary forum that puts at the forefront energy economists who form opinions and prepare for events that affect the energy industry.

The development of energy as we know it, from its production to its conversion and final use, whether it comes from fossil fuels, renewable energy sources or other sources, results from a continuous and dynamic interaction between the needs and preferences of the market, technology advancement and government initiatives.
The above correlation, which helps anyone understand the ever-changing landscape, is also the definition of the energy economics: the key component that creates a common understanding of forces and players in the global energy scene.

The Association's goal is to offer a means of professional communication and exchange for corporate organizations, government, academic, and other professionals, act as an independent consulting body and provide a broad contribution on issues related to energy and economics.

HAEE’s new website wishes to provide the most up-to-date information to corporate decision-makers, investors, entrepreneurs and academics, as well as to promote dialogue, foster knowledge, transfer and accelerate strategic decision making in the pursuit of viable solutions to the world's growing energy challenges.

Enjoy our website and uncover the latest advances in future energy.

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