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IntegrAted SolutioNs for the DecarbOnization and Smartification of Islands - IANOS

Project Type: Horizon 2020 / IA Duration: 48 months HAEE’s role: Partner
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There are more than 2,700 islands all over Europe and every island has its own conditions. That is why the IANOS project aims at tailor-made solutions. 

IANOS selected the islands of Ameland (Netherlands) and Terceira (Portugal) to serve as “pilot islands” because they both represent common EU challenges in terms of energy requirements, population, climatic conditions and topographic characteristics. The islands also offer various large-scale storage solutions for renewable energy sources and differ in their market characteristics, policies and regulations around the storage of energy. Considering their different penetration levels of renewable energy and grid conditions, they also represent different technical challenges. 

The IANOS project also includes three “Fellow Islands” to validate the replicability potential of the results of the pilot islands. The islands selected are Lampedusa (Italy), Bora Bora (French Polynesia) and Nisyros (Greece).


Each European island plays an important role in the transition away from fossil fuels towards a cleaner energy and has its own conditions, depending on its geographic location, (political) regulations, and infrastructure. The islands are promoted as platforms for pilot initiatives on clean energy transition to be showcased as success stories at international level. Each island has its own specific energy-related challenges. The IANOS project contributes to solving these challenges.

Benefits for EU Community

IANOS focuses on maximum provision and utilisation of flexibility and self-sufficiency through the use of distributed renewable energy and storage technologies. IANOS streamlines the decision-making process towards tailor-made solutions taking into account the specific conditions of islands through the Island Energy Planning and Transition Suite and artificial intelligence based virtual power plant. In this way, IANOS will demonstrate a rich portfolio of solutions towards full decarbonisation, increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the energy mix and exploiting the resources of islands.


The IANOS project consortium consists of 35 partners from 10 European countries.

  1. Centre For New Energy Technologies SA (EDP), Portugal
  2. Instituto De Desenvolvimento De Novas Tecnologias-Associacao (UNINOVA), Portugal
  3. Maquinas E Equipamentos Electricos SA (EFACEC ENERGIA), Portugal
  4. Electricidade Dos Acores SA (EDA), Portugal
  5. Efacec Electric Mobility SA, Portugal
  6. Secretaria Regional Da Energia Ambiente E Turismo Governo Regional Dos Acores, Portugal
  7. Virtual Power Solutions SA (VPS), Portugal
  8. Teraloop Oy, Finland
  9. Sunamp LTD, United Kingdom
  10. Bemicro LDA (BEON), Portugal
  11. Gemeente Ameland, The Netherlands
  12. Stichting New Energy Coalition, The Netherlands
  13. Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (TNO), The Netherlands
  14. Alliander NV, The Netherlands
  15. Amelander Energie Coöperatie Ua (AEC), The Netherlands
  16. Sustainable World Technology BV (SUWOTEC), The Netherlands
  17. Stichting Hanzehogeschool Groningen, The Netherlands
  18. Neroa BV, The Netherlands
  19. Repowered, The Netherlands
  20. Seaqurrent Holding BV, The Netherlands
  21. Bareau BV, The Netherlands
  22. Gasterra BV, The Netherlands
  23. Comune Di Lampedusa E Linosa, Italy
  24. Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (CNR), Italy
  25. Commune De Bora Bora, French Polynesia
  26. Akuo Energy SAS, France
  27. Municipality Of Nisyrians, Greece
  28. Centre For Research And Technology Hellas (CERTH), Greece
  29. Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI), Greece
  30. Etra Investigacion Y Desarrollo SA, Spain
  31. Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica SPA, Italy
  32. Rina Consulting SPA, Italy
  33. European Renewable Energies Federation (EREF), Belgium
  34. Hellenic Association For Energy Economics (HAEE), Greece
  35. Ubitech Energy, Belgium

The project's dedicated website can be found at 

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