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HAEE at a glance

The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, research organization, dedicated to providing an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of knowledge, information & experience among energy industry experts, academic, government and other professionals interested in energy economics.


HAEE was founded in Greece in 2015 and is the official affiliate of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), a leading, worldwide, non-profit professional organization based in the United States with members in over 100 nations.

The Hellenic Association is guided by a distinct set of values - forward & innovative thinking, non-partisanship, integrity, and professionalism – and has a global orientation welcoming the participation of researchers and practitioners from around the world interested in energy economics and related disciplines.

HAEE’s purpose is to advance the knowledge, understanding, and application of economics across all aspects of energy and foster communication among energy-concerned professionals. To achieve this objective, HAEE organizes Symposiums & small, focused forums for discussion, publishes papers & reports, lectures, and provides professional training through seminars & workshops.

Among the most significant events on the HAEE’s calendar is the Energy Transition Symposium, which brings together, every year, an international audience of over 300 guests including leading academics, students, government leaders, business professionals, top-tier media and other relevant stakeholders. Over the course of three days, all attendees join interactive conversations of essential energy-related issues, in-depth analysis of opportunities and problems the energy sector faces as well as presentations from thought leaders in the energy field.

Through expert group meetings and joint initiatives, the Association provides forums of discussion which promote professional communication, knowledge experience, and the sharing of best practices in energy-related issues

HAEE shares its knowledge on a variety of issues pertaining the energy sector through virtual discussions, training sessions, and seminars targeted at professionals in the energy industry offering a valuable insight on a wide range of key energy issues in Greece and abroad.

The HAEE’s Board of Directors is a distinguished group of Academics, all of them elected and appointed members, who serve in a voluntary position and are not compensated in any fashion for their services.

The Association is financially supported by member dues, contributions for research activities and bodies involved in the energy field, as well as by conference fees.

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