Greek Energy Market Report

Greek Energy Market Report 2022 | Powered by National Bank of Greece

The Report consists of nine distinct chapters, covering most of the developments in the energy sector:

  • Chapter 1 covers the Country Profile of Greece by analyzing and providing its key demographic, macroeconomic, and energy statistics, in many cases compared with those of the EU's, accompanied by an examination of the impact of the recent energy crisis.
  • Chapter 2 provides an illustrative representation of the EU’s and Greece’s new strategies, policies and targets, while moving towards Energy Transition, with special reference to the role of Hydrogen as the new bridge fuel.
  • Chapter 3 focuses on the Electricity sector, highlighting various issues related to prices, generation, capacities, imports, exports, and RES share. Emphasis is given on the remarkable changes in electricity prices occurred in the Greek market.
  • Chapter 4 is a robust examination of the new formation, structure and role of the Hellenic Energy Exchange under the official operation of the Target Model. The volatility of spot prices and the market design of a fully operational Natural Gas Exchange are also presented.
  • Chapter 5 is dedicated to Natural Gas, in the light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and explores the EU’s plan and Greece’s strategy for reducing their dependence on Russian gas imports and diversifying their sources.
  • Chapter 6 focuses on the significant contribution of Renewable Energy Sources in the Greek energy system, by providing the latest available data for upcoming tenders, applications and connection procedures, market analysis, and updates regarding the share of RES penetration.
  • Chapter 7 covers the Oil and Refining market, which continues to play a crucial role in the country, as it is still linked with major parts of the economy.
  • Chapter 8 provides an extensive analysis of Energy Efficiency in Greece, highlighting the progress being made towards achieving all its energy-related goals. New economic, energy efficiency related measures and actions, such as the new “Exoikonomo” are also presented.
  • Chapter 9 describes the current Investment developments in Greece and internationally. The chapter covers clean energy technologies, R&D investment in RES and sustainable investments as these are presented in the ESG indices.

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