Energy Transition Symposium

9th HAEE Energy Transition Symposium

22 - 24 May 2024 Maroussi Plaza Centre, Athens
Important Announcement: the deadline for submission of abstracts has now been extended to March 26, 2024. Take advantage of the extra time and take part in the 9th HAEE Energy Transition Symposium!

The HAEE Energy Transition Symposium stands as the leading platform for showcasing recent advancements and research outcomes in the field of energy. It offers a perfect setting for academics, researchers, managers, industry professionals, and students to exchange their research discoveries with experts on an international scale.

We encourage all interested parties to join the Symposium and submit their original, high-quality research. Students are especially encouraged to participate and may attend the Symposium at a reduced student registration rate.  

The list of topics to be addressed includes, but is not limited to: 

  1. Energy Storage Technologies:
    • Integration of energy storage with renewable energy sources.
    • Advances in battery technologies for renewable energy storage.
    • Novel materials and designs for energy storage systems.

  2. Offshore Wind Energy:
    • Offshore wind farm design, optimization, and installation.
    • Environmental impact assessments and mitigation strategies for offshore wind projects.
    • Offshore wind and alternative fuels integration

  3. Smart Grids and Renewable Integration:
    • Integration of renewable energy sources into smart grid systems.
    • Grid stability and reliability in the presence of variable renewable energy.
    • Smart grid technologies for optimizing renewable energy distribution.

  4. Oil and Gas Sector Transformation:
    • Integration of renewable energy sources in oil and gas operations.
    • Innovations in CCS technologies for the oil and gas industry.
    • Economic and geopolitical implications of the oil and gas sector's transition.

  5. Alternative fuels:
    • Advancements in biofuel production technologies and processes.
    • Integration of biofuels into existing transportation and energy infrastructure.
    • Environmental and economic assessments of different biofuel pathways.

  6. Renewable Energy Economics and Finance:
    • Economic viability and market trends in the renewable energy sector.
    • Financing models for large-scale renewable energy infrastructure.
    • Cost-benefit analysis of renewable energy projects.

  7. Climate Adaptation and Resilience:
    • Strategies for enhancing climate resilience in renewable energy infrastructure.
    • Climate adaptation measures for energy systems in vulnerable regions.
    • Resilience planning and risk assessment in the context of climate change.

Submission Procedure

Authors should firstly create an account, and then activate it, following the simple instructions provided.

To upload their paper abstract, authors should press the button “Submit Paper” and provide some key features about their paper (title, key words, authors and paper presenter). Submitted abstracts should be no more than two pages in length, comprising of: i. overview, ii. methodological approach, iii. results, iv. discussion and conclusions, conforming to the structure outlined in the abstract template. All abstracts will be reviewed and evaluated by the Symposium’s scientific committee based on originality, accuracy, and relevance to the topics of the call. Authors will be notified by e-mail, should their abstract be accepted.

Please note that the Scientific Committee will consider only original research for publication. Articles that have been published elsewhere or are currently under consideration for publication elsewhere should not be submitted and will be rejected.

Following positive feedback, authors should buy their ticket here and thus, complete the registration process. The registration fees are listed in the table below.

Submission of full papers is not obligatory.

Registration Fees

The academic paper presentations will take place in person. The respective registration fees are as follows:

Types of Paper Presenters Early Bird Registrations
(until 1 April at 23:59)
Registrations from
2 April
Paper Presenter IAEE/HAEE Member* 180 € 240 €
Paper Presenter Non-Member* 300 € 400 €
Student IAEE/HAEE Member* 90 € 150 €
Student Non-Member* 150 € 250 €

*To become a HAEE Member, please click here.

Important notes

The above fees cover a 3-day access to all sessions (plenary, academic paper presentations, innovation day activities), lunches, coffee breaks and symposium material.

If an approved paper has more than one author, only the paper Presenter may register at the reduced registration fee, as defined above. A paper Presenter cannot present more than one paper.

Withdrawal requests received after 13 May will not be refunded.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Abstracts’ submissions: 26 March 2024

Notification of abstract acceptance: 29 March 2024

Early bird registration fees until: 1 April 2024

Submission of full papers (non-obligatory): 15 May 2024

Symposium’s registration fees should be paid by: 8 May 2024


Symposium Secretariat

For any queries, please contact the Symposium’s secretariat at:
Tel.: +30 210 92 30422

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