Energy Transition Symposium

2nd HAEE Energy Transition Symposium

18 - 20 May 2017 Metropolitan Hotel Athens

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Thursday - May 18, 2017

08.30-09.30       Coffee and Registration 
09.30-10.15 Opening and Welcome Address

Kostas Andriosopoulos, President, HAEE; Director, Research Centre for Energy Management, ESCP Europe

Ricardo Raineri Bernain, IAEE President Elect 2016 (Frm Minister of Energy, Chile)

Giorgos Stathakis*Minister of Environment and Energy, Greece

 10.15-10.30       Keynote Address

Giannis Maniatis, MP; frm Minister of Environment and Energy, Greece

Keynote Address

Kostas Skrekas, MP; Shadow Minister for Energy, Greece


Keynote Address

Geoffrey R. Pyatt, Ambassador of the United States of  America to  the Hellenic Republic  

 10.55 -11.40 

Plenary session

Title: Winter Energy Package and Insularity  

  • DG energy’s winter package and its key implications
  • Insularity in Europe and the latest developments from the European Commission

Session Chair:  Thodoris Karipidis, CEO, Lever

Keynote Address:  

Samuele Furfari,
 Adviser to the General Director of DG Energy, European Commission; Professor, Free University of Brussels

George Kremlis, Head, Cohesion Policy and Environmental Impact Assessments Unit, DG Environment - European Commission

Nektaria Karakatsani, Member of the Board, Regulatory Authority for Energy


Plenary session

Title: Energy Security Challenges in East Med

Session Chair: Kostas Andriosopoulos, President, HAEE; Director, Research Centre for Energy Management, ESCP Europe

Keynote Address: Thodoris Kitsakos, CEO, DEPA S.A.


Plenary session

Title: The landscape in the new era of energy transition: challenges, investment opportunities and technological innovations

  • How can countries prepare for the new era of global energy transition
  • Challenges, investment opportunities and technological innovations in the energy sector
  • Will alternative fuels (such as CNG, LNG, hydrogen, etc.) help swift from the traditional hydrocarbon fuels in the transportation sector?

Session Chair: Patrick Gougeon, Professor of Energy Economics, ESCP Europe Business School

  1. Yannis Kabouris, CEO, ADMIE
  2. Loukas Lazarakis, Managing Director, EDF Nuvelles Greece
  3. Alkis Drakinos, Head of Resident Office – Greece, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  4. Antoine Halff, Director, Global Oil Markets, Center on Global Energy Policy - Columbia University
  5. Gavin Kretzschmar, Professor of Finance and Management Control, EADA
  6. Miguel Gaspar Silva, Industry Director - EMEA, SAP

Light lunch


Concurrent Sessions (1-3)


Plenary session

Title: Oil & Gas Exploration and Development in East Med

  • Are the East-med E&P projects bankable?
  • Is there sufficient cooperation among all involved member states?
  • What is the US energy policy for the region?
  • What are the prospects in the region following the involvement of Greek interests in Israel’s E&P sector?  
  • How are the economic risks being managed in the Greek endeavours?

Keynote Address: Sherif Sousa, Secretary General, Ministry of Energy, Egypt

Session Chair: Thodoris Tsakiris, Assistant Professor, University of Nicosia

  1. Yannis Bassias, Chairman & CEO, Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management
  2. Mischenko Vyacheslav, CEO Russia & FSU, Argus Media
  3. Yannis Grigoriou, General Manager, Exploration & Production of Hydrocarbons, Hellenic Petroluem S.A 
  4. Mamdouh Salameh, International Oil Economist, Oil Market Consultancy Service
  5. Aris Stefatos,COO M VEST Energy AS, Norway.

Plenary session

Title: Gas outlook in Europe: a focus on the South East border

  • Effective gas supply to Greek islands and off-grid areas.
  • Is a gas hub in Greece realistic and what are the benefits of having one?
  • Can we improve Greece’s Gas mix to make it cheaper?
  • An update on the status of all major gas projects in or passing-through Greece (TAP, IGB, Alexandroupolis FSRU etc.)

Session Chair: Kostas Xifaras, Head of Energy, Technical Chamber of Greece

  1. Mariana Ortiz Laborde, Portfolio Director, Global Gas, Gas Natural Fenosa 
  2. Valérie Ducrot,Executive Director, Global Gas Centre
  3. Thomas Achimastos, Vice President, GasTrade
  4. Panayotis Kanellopoulos, CEO, M&M Gas
  5. Vittorio Musazzi, Head of Relations with International Partners, SNAM




 Keynote Address: Kostis Hatzidakis*, Vice-president, New Democracy 

Friday- May 19, 2017

08.00-09.00      Coffee and Registration

Opening of 2nd day & Award ceremony

Keynote Address: 

Makis Papageorgiou, Business Consultant, frm Deputy Minister of Energy, Greece

Pantelis Kapros, Professor, National Technical University of Athens


Plenary session

Title: What should the optimal energy mix be to address the trilemma issue?

  • How should you plan a country’s energy security for a minimal cost and in an environmentally friendly way?
  • Natural gas as a bridge to a renewable energy future 
  • How much of central planning and how much of free markets is needed?

Session Chair: Tasos Garis, Energy consultant; Head of Energy Strategy and Planning, HAEE

  1. Manolis Panagiotakis, Chairman & CEO, PPC S.A.
  2. George Spanoudis, Chairman, DEPA
  3. Dinos Benroubi, CEO, PROTERGIA S.A.
  4. Reinhard Haas, Current coordinator of European affiliates of the IAEE
  5. Hans Coenen, Vice-president Corporate Business Development, N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie
  6. Anastasios Kallitsantsis, Vice-Chairman, Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) 
 11.30-12.30 Plenary session

Keynote Address: Sokratis Famellos, Alternate Minister of Energy and Environment 

Keynote Address: Soteris Kalogirou, Editor-in-Chief, Renewable Energy Journal

Title: Renewable Energy Systems: Current Status, Prospects and Hot Research Areas                      

 12.30-14.00 Plenary session

Title: Integration of RES in the energy markets

  • Implications to the market design and operation.
  • The progress of renewables in terms of cost. Subsidies… or not?
  • Dealing with the legacy of RES arrears.
  • How RES can be a key driver of growth for Greek companies beyond the borders of their domestic markets

Keynote Address: Michalis Philippou, CEO & Chairman, LAGIE

Session Chair: Miltos Aslanoglou, Energy Consultant  

  1. Carlo Andrea Bollino,President, A.I.E.E. (Italian Association for Energy Economics)
  2. Arthouros Zervos, Chairman of REN21 (the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century); Professor, National Technical University of Athens
  3. Gaetano Massara, CEO Southern Eastern Europe, General Electric
  4. Eirinaios M. Pelechras, Sales and Business Development of EMEK Group
  5. Ioannis Orfanos, Managing Director, Green Value Associates

Light lunch

 15.00-16.30    Concurrent Sessions (4-6)
 16.30-17.00  Plenary session

Title: Sheikhs vs. Shale: What’s next for OPEC?

James Smith,Co-editor, The Energy Journal

 17.00-19.00  Plenary session

Keynote Address: Michael Verriopoulos,Secretary General, Ministry of Environment and Energy

Title: The role of distribution in the new energy era

  • Energy related smart grids, smart meters and their efficient management
  • E-mobility and the future of electric vehicles. What are the implications on electricity production and grid management?
  • Decentralized networks: anticipated fact or future faux?
  • Can CNG and/ or small-scale LNG be applied in Greece in a commercially viable way?

Session Chair: Spiros Papaefthimiou, Vice-chairman HAEE; Associate Professor, Technical University of Crete


The case of power networks

  1. Nicholas Chatziargyriou, Chairman & CEO, HEDNO S.A

  2. Amela Ajanovic, Professor, Technical University of Vienna

  3. Georgios Papaefthymiou, Expert Power System Operation and Security, ELIA GRID INTERNATIONAL

Session Chair: Michalis Thomadakis, Director Energy Sector, Grant Thorton

      The case of gas networks

  1. Sotiris Nikas, CEO & Chairman, DESFA
  2. Thodoris Terzopoulos, CEO, DEDA
  3. Anastasios Tosios, Distribution Operating Director, EDA Attikis
  4. Rudy Van Beurden, Communications & Public Affairs Manager, Fluxys
  5. Ioannis Kirkinezis, Business Development Director, Hill International
  6. Stavros Mountelos, General Director, Environmental & Energy Projects, EDIL Hellas

Cocktail Reception

Keynote Address: Stergios Pitsiorlas,Deputy Minister of Economy and Development

Saturday - May 20, 2017

08.00-09.00   Coffee and Registration
09.00-11.00   Concurrent Sessions (7-10)
11.00-13.00      Concurrent Sessions  (11-14)

Plenary session & Conclusions

Keynote Address: Michael Jefferson, Editor, Energy Policy

Title: The landscape ahead: Slow uphill progress?


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