25 AUG 2021
The new edition of the “Quarterly Greek Energy Market Snapshot 2021 Q2” | Free exclusively to HAEE Members

The new issue of the Quarterly Greek Energy Market Snapshot 2021 Q2, focusing on the 2nd trimester of 2021, is dedicated to Green Islands and their potential to become frontrunners of energy transition, playing a leading role in lowering emissions and reducing dependency in fossil fuels.

More importantly, the time is quite right. Not only a number of different funds (RRF, Just Transition Fund, ESPA) are available for the islands, but also there is a strong political will to build sustainable island systems.

The new edition is complemented by the valuable insights of Ms. Alexandra Sdoukou, General Secretary of Energy and Mineral Resources, who highlighted that “the islands may develop into pioneers of the clean energy transition, covering most of their energy needs from RES, at low cost and with minimal environmental impact. We have a unique opportunity, now, that green investment is warmly supported by the EU, to unlock significant resources and transform our islands.”

The Snapshot depicts the key figures portraying the electricity market, the green islands, the natural gas market and the oil & refining sector, offering an overview of the energy market of Greece.  

HAEE’s publication is a very useful information tool available for free to its members. If you are not a HAEE Member yet, register now and get access to the most integrated information of the Greek energy sector, with the latest developments recorded during the 2nd quarter of 2021.



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