Energy Transition Symposium

3rd HAEE Energy Transition Symposium

3 - 5 May 2018 Wyndham Grand Athens Hotel


A. Dimitras, I. Tsakalos, G. Peppas - Volatility linkages between financial markets and energy firms' stock prices. The case of Cyprus exclusive economic zone

A. Maeda, M. Nagaya - Optimal Time Choice Game for Energy Infrastructure Investment with Spillover Effect

A. Marques, J. Fuinhas, C. Costa - Sustainable Urban Mobility in European Cities

A. Marques, J. Fuinhas, D. Macedo - A Debate on Strategies for Electricity Market Enlargement The Case of Mibel

A. Marques, J. Fuinhas, D. Pereira - Interactions of Electricity Supply, Demand, Emissions and diversification a daily analysis of French Electricity Systems

A. Marques, J. Fuinhas, P. Cunha - Barriers and Adoption of Energy Efficiency Measures in Buildings of Micro, Small and Medium - sized Portuguese Companies

A. Marques, P. Leal, J. Fuinhas - Decoupling economic growth from GHG emissions for Australia Decomposition analysis by sectoral factors

A. Perellis, C. Stambolis, D. Mezartasoglou - Anticipated Penetration Rate of Electric Vehicles in Greece's Motor Vehicle Market

A. Spais - Social acceptance of wind energy

C. Agostini, S. Nasirov, C. Silva, A. Guzman - A Regulatory Framework for Cross-Border Electricity Markets

C. Kalogiros, A. Alexopoulos - The role of batteries in the profitability of smart‐grid business models

C. Kalogiros, M. Kanakakis, G. Thanos, A. Anastopoulou, G. Stamoulis - On the market conditions rendering Demand Response attractive to all involved actors

C. Stambolis, D. Mezartasoglou - Dominant Energy Security Issues in SE Europe and Proposed Accommodation Strategies

C. Wilby, L. Huomo - Regional energy supply and security in the transition to a cleaner energy world

D. Damigos, A. Kontogianni, C. Tourkolias and M. Skourtos - Behind the scene Why are energy efficient home appliances such a hard sell

D. Koumparou - Energy Transition when energy politics meets community

D. Papadaskalopoulos, R. Moreira, G. Strbac - Value of Flexible Industrial Demand in the European Power System

D. Roubaud, F. Belaid, E. Galariotis - Features of Residential Energy Consumption Evidence from France using an innovative multilevel modelling approach

D. Savva - Offshore Energy Installations

E. Kyritsis, J.  Andersson - Dynamic Quantile Relations in Energy Markets

H. Wagner - Wind & Solar Energy – Penetration in the Energy Mix in Germany

I. Moretti - Interconnection of gas and electricity grids challenges and opportunities in the new energy mix

J. Fuinhas, C. Waite, A. Marques - Electricity Generation and Investments for Economic Growth in Southern Africa Countries (SADC)

K. Li - A High Frequency Empirical Analysis in the Electricity Forward Markets

K. Matsumoto - Global warming impact on future socioeconomic activities through labor productivity

K. Oskoui, M. Belaifa - Forecasting Natural Gas Demand in Short - term

M. Bessec, Y. Le Pen, B. Sevi - The hedgers’ response to price changes in energy futures markets

M. D' Errico, S. Bigerna, C. Bollino, P. Polinori - Environmental and energy efficiency analysis of EU electricity industry using an heterogeneous Bayesian  dynamic estimator

M. Mathioulakis - The future of US LNG in the European energy mix - how much is enough

M. Roumpani - Renewable Generation and Forward Contacting

M. Wynter - Does Frugality Influence Firm Behavior Evidence from Natural Disasters

N. Elms, D. Bothe, M. Janssen - The importance of Gas Infrastructure for Germany's Energy Transition

N. Frydas, M. Peltoniemi, H. Bredesen - A liquid Power Exchange, lynchpin of the European internal energy market

N. Koltsaklis, A. Dagoumas - Effect of the adoption of “EUPHEMIA” algorithm in the Greek day-ahead electricity market

N. Lambertides, C. Savva, D. Tsouknidis - The effects of oil price shocks on the prices of EU emission trading system and European stock returns

N. Muradkhanli - Natural Gas Geopolitics of the Energy Transition

P. Paixao - Scenarios Building by integrating energy Balances and supply and use tables an application of Input - Output Analysis

R. Huisman, E. Kyritsis, C. Stet - Renewables intermittency versus power (in)flexibility new insights from tail-index estimates

S. Golfinopoulos, K. Liparou - A comparative analysis between two European climate change «hot-spots» Baltic and Mediterranean Sea

S. Nasirov, C. Agostini, C. Silva, N. Carredano - The Impact of Income Tax Incentives on the Adoption of Solar Thermal Water-Heating Systems in Chile

S. Papaefthimiou - Financial footprint of “brain drain” & migration for Greece in years of crisis (2008-2016)

S. Spyrou - The impact of unconventional monetary policy shocks on energy prices

S. Zedda, G. Masala - Price spikes in the electricity markets how and why

T. Oliveira, A. Gurgel, S. Tonry- A Linked Emissions Trading Scheme under alternative scenarios implications for Europe and Brazil

T. Pelagidis, A. Stratakis - Energy Shifts in the South-East Mediterranean Region; The Case of a Potential Energy Corridor that Connects Greece and Cyprus Reserves, is it viable

U. D. Neelawela, Liam D., E.A. Selvanathan - The Role of Energy Storage with Renewable Energy Integration Evidence from the European Union

W. Matar - Households’ response to changes in electricity pricing schemes bridging microeconomic and engineering principles

E. Michalena, J. Hills - When common paths of renewable energy create regional success the case-study of the South Pacific

J. Samuwai, J. Hills, E. Michalena - Investment Scenarios for Achieving Energy Transition in Developing Countries a Case Example from Fiji


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