27 JAN 2021
Quarterly Greek Energy Market Snapshot" | HAEE's New Publication Exclusively to its Members

Given that the available data concerning the Greek Energy Market sector are fragmented and scattered, the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics pioneers the first publication of the online “Quarterly Greek Energy Market Snapshot”, available exclusively to its Members.

The Quarterly Snapshot is yet another privilege for our Members! An online edition gathering the key figures and statistical data that an energy professional needs to know. Within few pages, but a lot of statistics and graphs, readers can get a holistic overview of the Greek energy sector, without seeking information in different sources. The Snapshot will be available a few days after the end of each trimester. 

Since the first edition coincides with the end of 2020, it does not only correspond to the 4th trimester of the outgoing year, but offers a glimpse to the whole year’s energy data, with a particular focus on the recent Target Model implementation in Greece and its impact on the country’s market. Other than that, the sectors of Electricity Market, Renewable Energy Sources, Natural Gas Market and Oil & Refining are also assessed and will be reviewed each trimester from now on, offering the possibility of comparisons through the year.

The Quarterly Greek Energy Market Snapshot 2020 | Q4 is now available for free on HAEE’s website, for HAEE Members only.

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