29 JAN 2021
SAVE THE DATE | HAEE's Virtual Event - Potential for Further Development of RES

The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics has the pleasure to continue its Virtual Events Series and host a 30-minute conversation, on Wednesday, February 10 at 12.00 pm EET, with Mr. Yiannis Yiarentis, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board of Renewable Energy Sources Operator & Guarantees of Origin (DAPEEP SA), to discuss the potential for further development of RES projects in Greece, after the implementation of Target Model, as well as the role of DAPEEP in the Greek Electricity Market.

In 2020 there was a huge interest for investments in RES projects, underlying the investment potential in the sector, where the role of DAPEEP is crucial for the proper operation of the RES market and the attainment of the climate and energy goals set by the Greek NECP.

Mr. Yiannis Yiarentis, CEO & Chairman of BoD of DAPEEP, will share his thoughts about the measures taken from the Ministry of Environment and Energy to poise the RES special account deficit, the digitalization policy of the Operator with the parallel simplification payment procedure for the RES producers, and the role of DAPEEP in decreasing the industrial energy cost.

On top of the above, the virtual discussion will focus on the potential further development of RES projects in Greece, and DAPEEP’s contribution in achieving the green energy transition goals. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic, the turbulences caused in the market, and the Operator’s role in overcoming this crisis will further be assessed. Last but not least, Mr. Yiannis Yiarentis will give his perspective about the opportunities and challenges triggered by the implementation of the Target Model, where DAPEEP operates as a last resort Aggregator.

The discussion will be moderated by:

Spiros Papaefthimiou, President of HAEE & Associate Professor, Technical University of Crete



The discussion will be held in Greek. After the end of the event, the minutes will be available in English.

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