06 MAY 2019



The “Energy Bible” – Greek Energy Market Report 2019:

HAEE and NBG presented their innovative study of the Greek energy sector



Athens, Monday May 6th - The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (HAEE) and National Bank of Greece (NBG) presented today their innovative “Energy Bible” during the 4th Energy Symposium, a study that attempts to record all trends in the Greek energy sector.


The target of the Bible, which bears the title “Greek Energy Market Report 2019” and consists of nine chapters, is to provide a full coverage about developments in the sector using advanced statistics, to record significant changes inside and outside of the country, to pinpoint the main trends and highlight crucial issues and challenges in the energy sector.


More specifically, the Bible contains a country profile and it focuses on the Energy Exchange, the power market, the gas market, renewables, oil, energy efficiency, the trilemma “energy security-environmental sustainability-government policy”, as well as investments.

While presenting the Energy Bible, HAEE's chairman, Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos said: “the Greek Energy Market Report 2019, identifies both the current status of the energy market but also highlights the potential and the challenges that have to be overcome. Even greater effort will be required if Greece is to achieve its longer-term energy goals. The creation of competitive and price-responsive energy markets will be critical to ensure long-term economic prospects while putting the country solidly on a path to a low-carbon economy”.


On his behalf, the CEO of NGB, Mr. Pavlos Mylonas stated: “It is a pleasure to introduce the distinct initiative of National Bank of Greece to sponsor the “Greek Energy Market Report”, a newly launched annual release of the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics”. The inspiration for this report was originally drawn by the rapid changes that mark the Greek energy sector and the integral role NBG envisages to undertake in the sector – financing investment activity for energy transition. Having a clear corporate vision to be the leading banking partner for energy investments in Greece, NBG is committed to diversify and broaden its energy portfolio. Against this background, the “Greek Energy Market Report” aims to constitute a useful toolkit for a varied audience interested in monitoring the latest developments of the Greek energy sector, and to support associated investments in the country.

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