21 JUN 2023
Greek Energy Market Report 2023 | The fifth edition is now available exclusively to HAEE members

The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics is proud to present, for yet another year, the new edition of the "Greek Energy Market Report 2023", powered by the National Bank of Greece.

For the fifth consecutive year, the Greek Energy Market Report comes to become a valuable tool for energy professionals, legislators, researchers, academics, policymakers, students, and others interested in the advances and challenges regarding the Greek energy market. It is a great asset for market players and international or domestic companies, willing to invest in the Greek energy sector.

Report Launch

The Greek Energy Market Report 2023 was launched yesterday, 20 June 2023, during a closed event, with the presence of:

  • Alexandra Sdoukou: Secretary General for Energy & Mineral Resources, Ministry for the Environment and Energy
  • Pavlos Mylonas: CEO, NBG
  • Vassilis Karamouzis: General Manager of Corporate and Investment Banking, NBG
  • Dr. Kyriaki Kosmidou: Vice President, HAEE BoD and Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos: Secretary, HAEE BoD; CEO, Akuo Energy Greece and Professor of Energy Economics, Audencia Business School


The Report At A Glance

The Report consists of nine distinct chapters with the most recent developments of the energy sector:

  • Chapter 1 examines the Country Profile of Greece by analyzing and providing its key demographic, macroeconomic, and Greenhouse gas emissions statistics, compared with those of the EU, coupled with an analysis of the recent energy crisis and inflation effects.
  • Chapter 2 illustrates the EU’s and Greece’s new strategies, policies, and objectives as they move towards Energy Transition, with particular emphasis on the EU’s dependence on critical raw materials and their role in the clean energy supply chain.
  • Chapter 3 analyzes the Electricity sector, outlining various issues concerning prices, generation, demand, capacities, imports, exports, and RES share. The remarkable variations in electricity prices on the Greek Market are highlighted as well as the RES contribution to electricity production of the Non-Interconnected Islands.
  • Chapter 4 focuses on the considerable contribution of RES to the Greek energy system, by providing the most up-to-date information on license procedure, market analysis, and updates regarding the share of RES penetration in comparison to the EU progress.
  • Chapter 5 explores Natural Gas market in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion in Ukraine and assesses the EU's and Greece's response to reduce their dependence on Russian gas and diversify the gas supply. Special focus is given to the LNG’s significant growth in imports as well as in capacity additions.
  • Chapter 6 focuses on the Oil and Refining market, which maintains a vital role in the Greek energy market as it remains intertwined with key economic sectors.
  • Chapter 7 provides a comprehensive analysis of the Energy Efficiency in Greece, spotlighting the country's progress in achieving all its objectives as well as the energy-related projections and "new targets". Also, featured are the new energy-saving programs.
  • Chapter 8 addresses current energy investment trends in Greece and internationally. This chapter covers clean energy technologies, R&D investments in renewable energy sources, and sustainable investments as presented in ESG indices.
  • Chapter 9 focuses on the growth of PPA’s contracted volumes and disclosed capacities in the EU and the Member States. Besides, the potential PPA market and the recently signed PPAs in Greece are also presented.

“Everything that an investor needs to know about the Greek Energy Market in 2023”


The new edition of the Report is available exclusively to HAEE Members, prior to its official presentation during the 8th HAEE Energy Transition Symposium, scheduled to take place at the French Institute of Greece, from 27 to 29 September 2023.

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