22 SEP 2021
6th HAEE Energy Transition Symposium | 4th Day's Thematics

Transport decarbonization, and green infrastructure are considered as the path to sustainable growth, while Greece is moving towards a climate-neutral economy. Last year Greece took a big step to move to alternative fuels, bringing E-mobility at the forefront of green development. In the framework of Greek Market Reform Plan, the role of power purchase agreements in the target model will be further presented and discussed.

The transition from fossil fuels to renewables and low-carbon fuels, will be mainly directed by new technologies and innovation advancements in the energy markets. Becoming climate-neutral, also, requires changes in governmental policies in the agricultural sector, under the EU Green Deal and national policies. During the day, small scale RES and offshore wind potential for Greece will be analyzed, highlighting the great value and impact for the decarbonization of energy production and consumption. Tilos, Astipalea and Chalki pave the way and emphasize the need for accelerating the clean energy transition on islands. EU Green deal is an effort not only to transform European economy but also to redefine Europe’s global policy priorities. Hence, the role of geopolitics in SE Europe is profound and crucial to strengthen Europe’s energy security.

We are happy that we have managed to bring together an amazing line-up of speakers.

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