19 SEP 2022
The 17th IAEE European Energy Conference in a nutshell

Athens, September 27, 2022 | The 17th IAEE European Energy Conference which was co-organized by the Hellenic and the International Association for Energy Economics and was held from September 21 to 24 at The American College of Greece, came to a successful completion.

With the physical presence of over 400 participants, the conduction of 17 discussion panels and the presentations of 178 academic papers, the Conference hosted a truly international audience, consisting of influential figures from the field of politics, industry, research and entrepreneurship, active in Greece, Europe and globally, and functioned as a platform for open dialogue and deep understanding of the new global energy reality.

The unprecedented energy crisis as a result of geopolitical developments, the necessary reforms in the context of the transition of the energy system, the role of new business models in the development of innovative services, the emergence of environmentally friendly alternative fuels such as hydrogen, the decarbonisation of sectors with the increased difficulty in the reduction of pollutant emissions such as transport and industry, the modeling of energy systems, the use of fiscal tools suitable for the acceleration of the energy transition and the general balancing of the energy system, were at the center of the Conference discussions.

The main conclusion of the Conference is that the energy crisis is an opportunity and not an obstacle for the development of RES, while energy transition is the answer to the challenges of today's energy reality. The appropriate financial tools with the simplification of the regulatory framework will provide the necessary supplies for the next day of energy and investment acceleration. The transformation of energy systems is necessary towards climate neutrality and the strengthening of security of supply, with RES, energy conservation, energy storage and green alternative fuels being the building blocks of this transformation.

In the context of the Conference and with the sacred rock of the Acropolis as a background, Prof. Athanasios Dagoumas, President of the Energy Regulatory Authority, was awarded in recognition of his long-term contribution to a competitive Greek energy sector. The HELLENiQ ENERGY, the new corporate identity of the ELPE Group, was also awarded in recognition of the company's initiative to develop its core business activities towards alternative energy sources, and to a low emission economy.

The delegates from every corner of the earth had the opportunity to get acquainted to the historical and cultural background of Greece through various social events, such as the tour of the Acropolis hill and museum and the tour of the purely energy-themed art exhibition, with artifacts created by the renowned painter Konstantinos Spyropoulos exclusively for the Conference.

More information about the speakers and the agenda of the 4-day Conference, can be found on the website of the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics here.

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