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1st AIEE Energy Symposium

30 November 2016 Bicocca University

Energy security has become a key topic on the international security agenda. This two-day conference will be a high level forum that will try to provide insight to transform the energy landscape of our world. The conference will bring together energy experts from business, government, international organisations, political realm and industry as well as leading researchers and civil society representatives to explore new and existing energy trends, challenges and creative solutions to address one the world’s most topical and challenging issues.

The 1st AIEE Energy Symposium Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security aims at providing a forum for an analysis of the new developments and a new vision of the future framework for energy security and will try to define the energy priorities for the next years and the action to be taken.

The AIEE - Italian Association of Energy Economists (Italian affiliate of the IAEE - The International Association for Energy Economics) is organizing this international conference in cooperation with the Bicocca University of Milan to bring together energy experts engaged in academic, business, government, international organizations for an exchange of ideas and experiences on the present and future landscape of energy security. The concept of energy security is undergoing a rapid transformation.

In the past, geopolitics and the supply of oil and gas were the dominant factor determining energy security. Today, a broader and more complex spectrum of elements are interacting to both stabilize and threaten energy security.

The purpose of this conference is to provide a fresh look at the forces driving this transformation and at some of their effects. Many of them are different from anything we have seen in the past.

This conference will try to explore existing and emerging energy trends, challenges and creative solutions for energy security, the availability of new technologies, the emergence of new market conditions and of new market operators.

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