IAEE Events

41st IAEE International Conference

10 June 2018 MartiniPlaza

The IAEE international conference was a four-day conference on energy business, markets and policy. Over 500 international participants attended from all over the world. Conference participants included academics, policy makers, consultants, and representatives from energy businesses.

During the IAEE international conference the participants had the opportunity to be part of the cutting edge hot topics in energy economics and connect with young and promising researchers as well as established names in the field.

By attending the conference, the participants experienced also the charms of Groningen. As a lively university city with about 50.000 students on a total population size of almost 200,000 inhabitants, Groningen has the youngest average population in the Netherlands. Walking through the city center, you will also find numerous examples of innovative architecture. Groningen has a nearby airport and excellent train connection to other parts of the country as well as international destinations.

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