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36th USAEE/ IAEE North American Conference

23 September 2018 Hilton Crystal City, Washington DC

The Trump Administration and changing geopolitical situations are redefining energy directions, layering additional change over ongoing technological and market changes. Removal or revision of regulations, withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, and shifting geopolitical relations add complexity to an energy portfolio still bracing for cyberattacks and weather impacts against vulnerable grids. These geopolitical shifts, and the reactions to them by OPEC, local governments, and other actors, challenge us to chart a path forward through changed and dynamic domestic and international energy and environmental sectors.

The 36th USAEE/ IAEE Conference provides a forum for informed and collegial discussion of how the emerging realities will impact all stakeholders - from populations to companies to governments-in North America and around the world.

Nowhere calls out this urgency more clearly than the mid-Atlantic region. The energy mix includes offshore wind, coal mines, nuclear power, solar, and natural gas. Conference attendees will benefit from access to tour some of these facilities as well as tours of federal energy institutions in Washington, D.C.

The Washington, D.C. metro area is the epicenter of energy policy and home to legislators, regulators, and diplomats. It boasts the greatest concentration of think tanks and is a bastion of energy thought leaders that bolster the value of networking opportunities provided by the conference.

The conference will highlight contemporary energy themes at the intersection of economics, public policy, and politics, including those affecting energy infrastructure, environmental regulation, markets vs. government intervention, and international energy trade. Participation from industry, government, non-profit, and academic energy economists ensures robust, insightful discussion.

Topics to be Addressed

  • Energy Protectionism in Practice
  • The New DOE and FERC Agendas
  • Energy Implications of Environmental Regulations: Future and Impact
  • A Look at Shifts in Energy Supply: Renewables, Coal, and More
  • Europe, Russia, and U.S. Natural Gas Exports
  • Energy Innovation and Technology
  • Countervailing Winds: International Geopolitical and Domestic Responses to the New Administration
  • How Have Energy Markets Responded to the Shift of U.S. Energy Policy?
  • International Energy Policy Responses to the U.S. Departure of the Paris Climate Accord
  • Deregulation of Marine and Land Use: Offshore Access, Extraction, and Pipelines
  • Recent State Energy Policy Developments
  • Other topics of interest including shifts in market structures and fundamentals, including those induced by policy and technological forces.

Who Should Attend?

  • Energy Company Executives and Managers
  • Energy Policy Analysts
  • Governmental Employees in Energy Resource Planning
  • Academics Specializing in Energy Policy and Analysis
  • Electricity Pricing and Market Analysts
  • Energy Consultants
  • Energy Company Planners
  • Economic Energy Risk and Derivatives Specialists
  • Oil and Natural Gas Executives
  • Energy Rate Executives
  • Electric and Utility Supervisors
  • Energy Environmental Analysts
  • Geologists and Engineers
  • Environmentalists
  • Energy Journalists
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