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Review of the Greek Energy Sector; Market Analysis and Recommendations

This is a sensitive period for the Greek energy sector, since on the one hand, national elections offer a chance for the realignment of policy regardless of the ruling party, while on the other hand, a series of crucial issues are ongoing with repercussions for the future of the market. Major changes are coming due to the liberalization of the Power and Gas market, ambitious privatization processes of state-controlled energy companies and the target model objectives set by the European institutions and significant investment potential is on the horizon.

Based on the above, HAEE decided it would be appropriate to issue this publication and proceed with an in-depth analysis of everything that is happening today in the energy sector, how these are connected to wider trends and also, the challenges that the new government will have to face. Furthermore, HAEE includes its own recommendations for each one of the sectors addressed in this policy paper (the Energy Exchange, the Electricity Market, the  Renewables, the Natural Gas, the Energy Efficiency and the Oil and Refining).

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