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Chart of the Month Vol. 19 | Powering the Future: Assessing the state of Power Purchase Agreements in Greece and Europe | Powered by Deloitte

The Chart of the Month Vol.19 focuses on "Powering the Future: Assessing the state of Power Purchase Agreements in Greece and Europe."

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) play a pivotal role in the energy transition for all EU countries and have amassed significant interest over the last few years. Spain and Germany currently hold the position of leading players in 2023, similarly to previous fiscal cycles, with Spain currently positioned as a leading force considering the indicators: PPA Deal to Project and PPA Coverage to Capacity ratios.

PPAs are a powerful tool for the off-taker, especially for corporations seeking financial stability by mitigating electricity price volatility. This is highlighted by the fact that 67% of PPAs signed in Europe involved corporate off-takers, with the IT sector holding the largest share (c. 30%) of deals signed.  

Focusing on Greece, despite its relatively short history in this market, the Greek PPAs have already proven its potential. As of October, a Utility PPA of 280 MW was signed, positioning the country among the top 10 largest PPAs in the European landscape for 2023. Additionally, Solar Photovoltaics is the dominant source of energy auctioned in the Greek PPA landscape. Among all power generation technologies, Solar PV accounts for around 65% and a significant 90% of PPAs in Europe and Greece, respectively.

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