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Chart of the Month Vol. 6 | E-mobility in EU-27 and Greece: The road to ICE ban

In its 6th Edition, HAEE’s Chart of the Month focuses on “E-mobility in EU-27 and Greece: the road to ICE ban”.

Europe paves the way in the electromobility market, while EU countries are reaching the world’s highest electric car penetration rates. The highest market share for EV registrations in EU is in Sweden (45%), Finland (31%) and Denmark (35%). The expansion of EV purchase incentives and tax exemptions, but also the awareness-raising policies have contributed to the exponential increase in sales. The charging infrastructure market is under continuous development during the recent years and is anticipated to grow even further in the coming years.

In the Greek market, e-mobility is following an increasing trend, which reflects changes in consumers’ mentality and the expansion of EV purchase incentives and further tax exemptions. Based on the 2030 NECP Scenario, EV registrations would represent 30% of new car registrations in 2030. However, based on the proposed EU ICE Ban target, and the last two years increase of EV registrations (184% above NECP target), HAEE presents its own ICE Ban Scenario, which projects 57% EV registrations in 2030 and 100% in 2035. Extension of the infrastructure network and increased purchase subsidies and tax reductions are needed to make this scenario feasible.

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