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Chart of the Month Vol. 21 | "Strengthening e-mobility prospects in Greece: an EV market and recharging infrastructure perspective" | Powered by Deloitte

In Greece, positive EV market trends are attributed to governmental policies (e.g. KINOUMAI ILEKTRIKA II) subsidizing vehicle prices and deploying charging infrastructure. Early adopters and leasing companies are driving this positive shift. However, efforts are needed to reach a critical mass of EV owners in Greece.

Since 2019, there has been a notable uptake of EVs in Europe, but 2023 shows uneven growth, with Norway experiencing a reduction in EV registrations. Car manufacturers are introducing numerous new battery electric vehicle (BEV) models, but high interest rates and vehicle prices are hindering consumer interest in some markets. Despite government incentives, challenges like high charging times and limited infrastructure persist, hindering widespread adoption. The expansion of fast DC charging coverage, especially in urban areas, is crucial.

Charging operators face uncertainty and financial losses due to low EV penetration. Technological constraints on the vehicle side hinder the full utilization of fast DC charging points. However, trends indicate decreasing unit costs for fast and ultra-fast DC charging points. Short-term funding support for fast DC charging infrastructure is essential to ensure the development of a critical mass of EVs in the coming years in both Greece and the EU.

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