12 JUL 2019
The 1st HAEE Seminar titled "Leadership in Global Energy" was successfully completed

To this end, HAEE designed one-day seminars with leading scientists and recognized market leaders as lecturers who help participants understand the developments and new energy trends in order to successfully meet current and future challenges.

The executive training cycle was opened with the seminar on energy leadership, delivered by Dr. Yanos Michopoulos, an executive in various sectors of the energy industry with 28 years of experience and CEO and founder of Epiphany Enterprises, who is specialized in the leadership development and coaching. During the seminar the participants were able to attend the presentation, as well as to exchange experiences in an interactive discussion. Among the main objectives of the seminar was to enable participants to understand the differences between management and leadership concepts, the importance of corporate culture for the effective leadership of an organization, as well as the different leadership models and in which cases they should be applied.

The seminar was attended by executives of companies from the electricity, gas, retail and banking sectors. It is noteworthy that due to the very positive impact, the seminar will be resumed next fall at a date that will soon be announced by HAEE.

As regards the commencement of the training cycle, HAEE's Chairman, Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos noted that "the initiative for the creation of the HAEE Seminars will cover the very important need to upgrade the level of knowledge and skills of people active in the critical energy sector. As the energy sector is playing an increasingly important role for the country's economy and environmental issues are entering the public debate vigorously, companies and executives need to be able to navigate through the developments and help the companies that make up the market to move between emerging challenges and opportunities. In addition, HAEE's mission is to disseminate knowledge on energy, the environment and the economy to all parties involved. In this context, we are confident that HAEE Seminars will be a highly value-added proposal for executive training in the sector".

It is noted that the HAEE Seminars will continue with the next seminar titled "Managing the Energy Transition" which will be held on Monday, September 9, with Mr. Ashutosh Shastri, BoD Member; Expert; Global Gas Center - World Energy Council being the lecturer. Registrations have already begun and will run until 5/9 (28/8 for Early Bird Records).

More information about HAEE and the next HAEE Seminars can be found here and you can contact Vangelis Kletsa (e.kletsas@haee.gr) and Errika Andrianopoulou (e.andrianopoulou@haee.gr) or call +30 210 92 30 422.


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