05 JAN 2021
Exclusively for HAEE Corporate Members : 2 Scholarships for the mini mba in Energy Management by the Alba Graduate Business School

The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics is proud to announce that in cooperation with Alba Graduate Business School, offers 2 scholarships exclusively to its Corporate Members, for the new Alba mini mba in Energy Management

Why a mini mba in Energy program: aspiration and goals

This innovative, integrative Executive Education Program blends cutting-edge knowledge and practical insights in the booming field of Energy, with research based knowledge in business and in management. The program is designed and orchestrated in order to offer participants:

- A deep and holistic understanding of energy industry trends, opportunities and challenges and how they can impact their profession, their career and their organization
- A solid business and management learning background that will blend cutting edge theory with applied knowledge
- A contemporary skill set and tool set that will empower them with the knowledge and the competencies in order to launch or further develop a career in the Energy sector
- A growing learning network that will assist them to share their experiences with other professionals and learn from each other

You may find more details on the content and the delivery mode of the program here.

Application Process:

All candidates should have a degree / diploma from a Higher Education Institute and be active in the sectors of Energy / Economy / Environment.

Applications should include:

i) A detailed Curriculum Vitae

ii) A justified Letter of Intent

iii) Other documents supporting the candidacy (e.g. degrees, certificates, employment contracts, certificates of work experience, certificates of support from the employer and any other document substantiating the CV)

All candidates will be interviewed to confirm their interest in participating in the program. 

Applications' evaluation will be made by a Committee composed by academics (BoD members of HAEE and Alba).

All applications will be submitted electronically at scholarship@haee.gr with Subject: "Scholarship Application HAEE-Alba 2021".

Submissions’ deadline: 12 January 2021

Academic Director of mini mba in Energy: Kostas Andriosopoulos, PhD, Professor in Finance and Energy Economics

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