06 JUN 2024
Don't miss out: "In Focus Issue #5" by HAEE | Innovation in the Energy Sector Toward the Net Zero Era

Dear Members and friends,

The fifth edition of InFocus entitled “Innovation in the Energy Sector Toward the Net Zero Era” is here, highlighting on innovative technologies of the energy sector like solar-wind power integration, rooftop turbines, and next-gen hydrogen technologies, while also emphasizing the crucial role of innovation as a driving force in general.

Greece has made significant strides over the last few years, as it is evidenced by the European Innovation Scoreboard. Specifically, Greece has evolved from an Emergent Innovator (23rd place) to a Moderate Innovator (21st place) with a score of 86 for 2023. EU and national funding R&D programs like Horizon Europe, with almost 100 billion €, and Greece's Erevno-Kainotomo Program, with a budget of 300 million €, are thoroughly explored, while also delving deep into the various collaboration networks, such as the Solar PV Industry Alliance. Additionally, the report highlights the continuous workforce upskilling that needs to align with technological progress, in order to foster a resilient and competitive future. 

We extend a special thanks to our esteemed Members - BCG, Deloitte, Parkwind, PPC and TAP - whose expert input complements and completes the key points of this issue.

The standard version, featuring our Members' valuable contributions and the first chapter laying out the importance of innovation in the energy landscape, is accessible to all.

For HAEE Members, the full version includes four additional chapters covering the regulatory frameworks introduced by EU in relation to the industry, the various support and funding mechanisms and opportunities, whether national or european, fostering research and innovation in cutting-edge areas of the energy sector and new way to gauge investor attractiveness of companies.

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Enjoy reading!

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