19 APR 2023
HAEE "In Focus" Issue#3 is now available | The NEXT DAY of the GREEK ENERGY LANDSCAPE

In light of the most recent developments in Russia's war against Ukraine, the EU is now determined to accelerate the share of renewable energy in order to drastically reduce its reliance on Russian gas imports prior to 2030. To accomplish these targets, the EU has established several programs and regulations, including the NECP, which allows Member States to strategize their climate and energy goals, policies, and measures.

Driven by these developments and our intention to apply rigorous analysis to the most pertinent topics of energy economics, the HAEE team is launching the 3rd Issue of "In Focus" series, which is dedicated to Greece’s energy transition to a more sustainable and greener future.

The 3rd issue entitled “The NEXT DAY of the GREEK ENERGY LANDSCAPE” explores how the "New" NECP aims and national objectives are impacting the future of the Greek energy landscape. Ιt explores the "future" of the eight pillars of energy strategy (fossil fuels, solar and onshore wind, offshore wind, green hydrogen, energy storage, grid/interconnections, energy efficiency, and e-mobility), the investments and the projects planned for the near future. This issue concludes with recommendations that address several different areas for achieving a more effective and sustainable energy system.

A special thanks to our Members - Deloitte, EDP Renewables, Enel Green Power, EnEx Group, Exergia, Gears, PPC Renewables (PPCR), Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) S.A.- for elevating the new In Focus issue with an input of inestimable value and expertise.

The standard version of the 3rd issue of In Focus is open to all including the valuable contributions of our Members as well as the first chapter of the issue that refers to the Energy Outlook of Europe and Greece. Download the standard version of the 3rd issue of In Focus 👉 here

The full version, edited by HAEE's scientific team, includes 3 more chapters assessing Greece's new NECP targets, exploring the eight pillars of Energy Strategy and finally providing recommendations for a more effective and sustainable energy system. The full version of the edition is available only for HAEE Members.

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