21 MAR 2024
Chart of the Month Vol. 22 | "The Future of Greek Power & Gas Networks" | Powered by Deloitte

The future of the Greek power & gas networks holds much potential with opportunities for further development.

Specifically, the electricity grid is set to experience a slow fading out of Low-Voltage overhead cables, in contrast to the total overhead system which is set for an 18% and 26% increase in Mid-Voltage and High-Voltage cables, respectively. Overall, € 4.3 billion are to be allocated to over 158 projects in the upcoming years.

Additionally, the €2.8 billion island interconnection project is expected to be completed in 2030. The interconnections will significantly reduce high energy costs and carbon emissions of the NIIs, which currently rely on costly and polluting oil-fired generators. In order to increase energy security some of the remaining oil units might need to be converted to gas and remain as CRM for periods of low supply and/or cable malfunctions.

In the natural gas front, smart metering becomes more essential and, thus, funding prioritization will be shifted towards the supply of Pipelines and Meters, seizing 45-55% of the overall budget in the period 2025-2027. Moreover, expansion of the urban gas network is set to boost new contract signings by 587% in Attica by 2027, underscoring the significance of the NG imports for the community.

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