03 FEB 2023
8th Balkans Energy Summit | 1-2 March 2023

We are delighted to inform you that we are partnering with the Energy Circle by IN-VR for the official 8th Balkans Energy Summit, taking place on the 1st - 2nd of March 2023, at Divani Caravel Hotel, endorsed by the Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management (HHRM), Romania's Ministry of Energy, and the Montenegro Hydrocarbons Administration, as well as supported by existing and future operators in the oil, gas & energy industry of the region and major IECs and operators in the Balkans.

The 8th Balkans Energy Summit is gathering key regional and international energy stakeholders to address the pain points of the industry and build cooperation between the countries aligning energy future and strategising resources.

The two-day event will bring together these select decision makers such as government authorities, the energy private sector, SMEs, innovation and technology providers, legal players, as well as energy international investors, to discuss partnerships and the exciting new opportunities and projects in the region.

What will be the main focus?

  • Accelerating energy transition in the Balkans countries while recognizing the importance of existing deals and new exploration activities.
  • Securing investment in the region’s energy projects to meet the need for energy security and avoid energy poverty.
  • Exchanging experience, technologies and best practices through dedicated workshops and meeting facilitation.
  • Focusing on finding bridges and points for cooperation between the Balkans countries to strategise solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, and green hydrogen capacity as well as new oil and gas discoveries and build the potential to become Europe’s power house.
  • Re-ignating hydrocarbon exploration in Europe and more.

Don't miss the chance to meet the regions governments, IECs and energy players, and find exclusive latest news on projects, discoveries, and updates.

Benefit from this opportunity to showcase your company’s expertise and brand, expand your network, drive forward collaboration and partnerships, and take part in deal-making and new projects at this important time for the energy industry at the 8th Balkans Energy.

To register, click here: www.balkans-energy.com/register 
To speak with the team, contact: Wesley Johnson at wesley@in-vr.co.

For more, head to the event website: www.balkans-energy.com

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