30 AUG 2022
Save the Date | 6th EcoMobility Conference | 18 January 2023

The largest Conference on EcoMobility is co-organized by the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (HAEE) and the Insider.gr, and comes for the 6th consecutive year to shed light on the dynamics, challenges, as well as on the opportunities of the green and sustainable mobility sector in Greece, on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, at the Hellenic Motor Museum.

As the Old Continent aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, and in the context of addressing the now visible effects of climate change on the natural environment and the social fabric, European and national policies set as a key priority the promotion of electromobility, aiming at reducing the energy footprint of transport, but also at achieving the respective environmental goals.

Speeds in the development of the ecomobility industry have been impressive in our country, as in 2021 there were 6,967 new registrations of electric vehicles, 1,255 charging infrastructure units and 13,605 electric vehicles in circulation. Zeroing pollutant emissions by 2030 is a key government goal, while the "National Climate Law" proposes that from January 1, 2030, new passenger and light commercial vehicles registered will be only zero-emission vehicles, triggering an immediate and a further, rapid development of the sector.

The second cycle of the "Kinoumai Elektrika" program, the program for "Green Taxis", the plan for the electrification of urban transport, the coordinated moves to strengthen the network of electric vehicle chargers, the operation of the electronic platform of the Register of Infrastructure and Electromobility Market Operators, the formation of an institutional framework for the technical support of electric vehicles and the preparation of a Study for the National Strategy for the Development of Electromobility in Greece, complete the landscape of a new sector with prospects for economic growth in the country.

As the future of electromobility is picking up speed, we await to see if our country can set the sustainability of transport at the heart of an anthropocentric development model.

The Conference will be held in Greek with the physical presence of speakers & participants.

For more details, stay tuned...

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