Southeast Europe Energy Forum


Friday, September 6, 2019 MET Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece

It is a fact that both geopolitical and market developments over the last years highlighted SE Europe countries as important players of EU’s energy strategy. By adding to the picture available RES and their perspectives, the promising hydrocarbon industry and energy security considerations for the future, then the importance of formulating a SE Europe regional energy strategy is more than evident today.

The Southeast Europe Energy Forum will bring together key policy makers, regulators, top market players, financiers, academics and experts to present and discuss unique insights and observations on up-to-date topics in the dynamic energy field in Greece and the wider region.

The newly appointed Greek Minister of Environment & Energy, Kostis Hatzidakis as well as US Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt have already been invited to address the Forum as keynote speakers. Energy Ministers from the larger SE Europe and East Mediterranean region such as the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Cyprus, the State of Israel, North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia are also invited to address the Forum.

Among the topics to be presented and discussed are:

  • Government Roundtable Discussion on Geopolitical & Geopolitical Considerations & Innovation
  • Transatlantic Energy Relations
  • Financing Investment in the SE European Region
  • The new Energy Landscape in SE Europe
  • Natural Gas Infrastructure Developments
  • Upstream Developments in SE Europe: An attractive Region?
  • The Green Energy Transition: RES Investment
  • Regional alliances and co-operations

During the conference diverse thoughts, ideas and best practices will be presented on how Greece and neighboring countries can best take advantage of their geographical positions and exploit available energy resources to secure a more reliable, self-sufficient and environmental sustainable energy supply which is crucial for economic and social development in SE Europe.


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American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce | +30 210 699 3559

Hellenic Association for Energy Economics  | +30 210 923 0422

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