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Chart of the Month Vol. 25 | "A Social Perspective on the Outlook of the Energy Market" | Powered by Deloitte

The social aspects of the energy system are crucial as they influence public acceptance, equitable access, and community engagement, ensuring a sustainable and inclusive energy transition and addressing socio-economic disparities, while also bolstering innovative approaches to existing challenges.

There is an upward trend in the energy poverty of both EU and Greece, as evidenced by the share of people unable to keep their household warm. Greece is worse off than the average in EU, with the share of people unable to keep their household warm being double than the EU average in 2022.

There is a strong upward trend for self-production projects, indicating a noteworthy potential to be harnessed in the prosumers’ aspect of the market, both at individual and collective levels. It is noteworthy to mention that there are more than 1500 energy communities established in Greece, with 1178 MW of installed capacity.

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