Corporate members
Hellenic Petroleum S.A.

A dynamic Group with solid foundations, holding a leading position in the Greek energy sector as well as in the greater area of Southeast Europe.

Man Diesel & Turbo Hellas

MAN Diesel & Turbo Hellas is a subsidiary of MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. It supports the four Strategic Business Units in the Hellas territory of Marine Engines & Sustems, Turbomachinery, Power Plants and After Sales. 

The Hellenic subsidiary is located in the Piraeus area and has started its operation back in 1966. Its business activities revolve around products and services designed to meet the needs of  customers and markets.


Ο ΗΡΩΝ είναι ένας Όμιλος επιχειρήσεων που δραστηριοποιείται στην Παραγωγή, Προμήθεια και Εμπορία ηλεκτρικής ενέργειας. Με έναρξη εργασιών ήδη από το 2000, διαθέτει πλέον την υποστήριξη τριών μεγάλων ενεργειακών Ομίλων.

Ο ΗΡΩΝ συμμετέχει ουσιαστικά στον Εθνικό Ενεργειακό Σχεδιασμό και Προγραμματισμό, οι σταθμοί του αποτελούν επιτομή της τεχνολογίας και η λειτουργία τους είναι πλήρως εναρμονισμένη με τις απαιτήσεις της αγοράς. Διαθέτοντας ισχυρή μετοχική και παραγωγική βάση, ο Όμιλος είναι σε θέση να προσφέρει ουσιαστικά και μακροχρόνια οφέλη στους πελάτες και στους συνεργάτες του.


HEDNO S.A. (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.) was formed by the separation of the Distribution Department from PPC S.A., according to L.4001/2011 and in compliance with 2009/72/EC EU Directive relative to the electricity market organization with the goal to undertake the tasks of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator. 


GASTRADE S.A. is a utility company which develops, exploits, operates and manages natural gas systems in a safe, reliable and financially sound manner. 


Public Power Corporation S.A. (PPC) is the biggest power producer and electricity supply company in Greece with approximately 7.4 million customers. PPC currently holds assets in lignite mines, power generation, transmission and distribution. PPC’s current power portfolio consists of conventional thermal and hydroelectric power plants, as well as RES units, accounting for approximately 68% of the total installed capacity in the country. 

Boston Consulting Group Hellas

"We go deep to unlock insight and have the courage to act. We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation. We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage. We are shaping the future. Together."

Hill International

Hill International provides program and project management, construction management, cost engineering and estimating, quality assurance, inspection, scheduling, risk management and claims avoidance to clients involved in major construction projects worldwide. 

Hellenic Hydrocarbons Resources Management

HHRM is a growing company which provides an innovative management of the Greek hydrocarbons resources.

Athens Exchange Group

Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX Group), provides support to the Greek Capital Market. Operates the organized equities and derivatives markets, the alternative market and performs clearing and settlement of trades. Offers financing tools and solutions to companies, expands investor choice by providing a safe, stable and easy environment in full alignment with international practices and the European regulatory framework.

EDIL Hellas Group of Companies

A group of companies EDIL HELLAS SA was founded in 1985 and is based in Thessaloniki.

Activated on the fields of engineering and services and holds an important position on the Greek market.

The client’s list of EDIL HELLAS includes large private companies, companies of the technology sector and public organizations as local authorities etc.

Our vision is to provide products and services with high added value, flexible, with high security and respect for the environment.

Protergia S.A.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of MYTILINEOS Group, PROTERGIA S.A. is the owner and/or operator/manager of the Group’s thermal power plants and renewable energy assets. Protergia is the largest independent electricity producer in Greece. 


DEPA is the company that introduced natural gas to Greece implementing a big energy investment.


Nostira’s main business is the development, contraction, operation and maintenance of electro-productive units using RES covering a wide range of techno-economic sustainable implementations of RES such as wind stations, solar stations, hydroelectric and hybrid systems.


Ο ‘Λειτουργός της Αγοράς Ηλεκτρικής Ενέργειας ΑΕ’ (ΛΑΓΗΕ Α.Ε.) εφαρμόζει τους κανόνες για τη λειτουργία της Αγοράς Ηλεκτρικής Ενέργειας σύμφωνα με τις διατάξεις του νόμου 4001/2011 και των κατ’ εξουσιοδότηση αυτού εκδιδομένων πράξεων και ιδίως τον Ημερήσιο Ενεργειακό Προγραμματισμό.


Hellagrolip SA is a Greek Commercial and Industrial Company which distributes its own fertilizers, as well as fertilizers by foreign houses.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG is a company established to plan, develop and build the TAP natural gas pipeline.

Attiki Natural Gas Distribution Company SA

Η Εταιρεία Διανομής Αερίου Αττικής (ΕΔΑ Αττικής) Α.Ε., από τις 2 Ιανουαρίου 2017 λειτουργεί ως ο Διαχειριστής του Δικτύου Διανομής Φυσικού Αερίου στην Αττική, στο πλαίσιο των διατάξεων του Ν.4001/2011 σχετικά με τη λειτουργία της αγοράς φυσικού αερίου.

EDF Energies Nouvelles Ηellas SA

Η ΕDF ΕΝ HELLAS S.A., θυγατρική της EDF Energies Nouvelles, συστάθηκε το 2005 και αποτελεί σήμερα μια από τις μεγαλύτερες επενδυτικές εταιρείες στον τομέα παραγωγής ηλεκτρικού ρεύματος απο ανανεώσιμες πηγές ενέργειας στην Ελλάδα.


SAMARAS and ASSOCIATES – CONSULTANT ENGINEERS is a technical company which was founded in 1992 and is specialized in the fields of licensing, studying and supervising electromechanical installations of technical projects ranging from private and public buildings to industrial and commercial enterprises. The company is also active in the sectors of organizing and certifying industrial products, management system standards for organizations and provides full services in occupational health and safety matters.

Windsor Energy Group (WEG)

The Windsor Energy Group (WEG) is an MEC working group that addresses global energy issues and challenges through discussion and analysis involving senior figures from the public and private sectors. Membership is by annual subscription.

Media Partners is a journalistic portal specialized in the greek energy sector.

EIRA is a specialized on-line publication, originally launched in May 2013 as a digital edition emailed to a wide audience of readers. Now evolved into a larger format, EIRA as a website will continue to provide an in-sight and down-to-earth analysis of risks facing oil, gas and energy industry on the whole.

Natural Gas Europe

Natural Gas World is an independent specialized website dedicated to bringing you the most essential, accurate and reliable information on global gas matters.