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Register today! Open Call for Papers for the 9th HAEE Energy Transition Symposium

The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics organizes the 9th HAEE Energy Transition Symposium, providing an ideal platform for all interested parties to submit their original research of advancements and insights in the energy sector through the open Call for Papers. Academics, researchers, industry professionals, managers, and students will meet at Maroussi Plaza Centre, in Athens, from 22 until 24 May, to present their research findings and exchange views with international experts. 

👉 The deadline to submit your abstract is approaching on March 11

👉 Find all you need to know about the submission process, deadlines, and registration fees on our website. 

⚡ Energy Insights

Looking for some riveting energy related articles to read? We 've gathered for you some links from the international scene.

Electricity 2024 – Analysis - IEA

The IEA Electricity 2024 is essential reading. It offers a deep and comprehensive analysis of recent policies and market developments, and provides forecasts through 2026 for electricity demand, supply and CO2 emissions. The IEA’s electricity sector report, which has been published regularly since 2020, provides insight into the evolving generation mix.


Securing Minerals for the Energy Transition | World Economic Forum

This report identifies 10 high-priority risk management strategies for access to minerals essential for the ongoing energy transition. These minerals are key to many of the technologies that must be scaled to achieve rapid decarbonization and attain net-zero targets.


European Electricity Review 2024 | Ember

The European Electricity Review analyses full-year electricity generation and demand data for 2023 in all EU-27 countries to understand the region’s progress in transitioning from fossil fuels to clean electricity.


Transforming Energy Demand | World Economic Forum

In this paper, the Transforming Energy Demand initiative outlines actions for businesses and countries to enhance energy management, efficiency and carbon intensity reduction. It highlights commercially beneficial levers, implementable with existing technologies, to impact the transition significantly.


Inspiring a just transition - Publications Office of the EU

This publication synthesises insights gained from the coal regions exchange programme of the Initiative for coal regions in transition in the Western Balkans and Ukraine. Its aim is to highlight key lessons learnt in the participating regions and to derive potential recommendations to support a just transition in the Western Balkans and Ukraine (referred to as WBUA).

📰 Energy Market News

Editorial: A welcome drop in energy cost

Electricity prices in Greece returned to levels not seen since the start of the energy crisis, since the drop of natural gas prices and competition in the retail market allowed for 10-11 cents/KWh in February. This is a much-needed development for consumers, who have been troubled by high costs in the last three years, but also for the government that had to shoulder a large political cost.

The question on everyone's lips now is what is going to happen in the near future. In February the price of TTF dropped further to 24 euros/MWh. However, it is showing signs of reaching a bottom and finding support.

Europe is now more dependent on LNG imports and the global market is slightly in deficit this year. Therefore, the EU will continue to worry about potential supply discruptions or geopolitical clashes. After 2024 new production in places such as the U.S. will help significantly.

At the same time, it is very positive that European gas storage is expected to close the winter season above 50%, therefore fewer quantities will be needed during the summer months.

📘 In Review

7th EcoMobility Conference

The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (HAEE) and the financial portal insider.gr successfully co-organised the 7th edition of EcoMobility Conference, on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, at the Hellenic Motor Museum, a unique venue highlights in the best possible way the automotive evolution through the years.

Considering the most recent advancements in the market and emphasizing the pivotal role of ecomobility in the evolution of daily life, the Conference prioritized on four thematic pillars: Infrastructure Talks, Transport Talks, Innovation Talks & Safety Talks, in the presence of representatives of the central and local government, automotive industry and charging infrastructure, logistics companies, public transport organizations, university bodies and research institutions.

🎥 If you missed it, the plenary discussions are available here.

Chart of the Month | Vol.21

Following the success of the 7th EcoMobility Conference that was organised by HAEE and insider.gr, the 21st volume of the Chart of the Month, powered by Deloitte, was a deep-dive in the e-mobility market of Greece. Under the title "Strengthening e-mobility prospects in Greece: an EV market and recharging infrastructure perspective", the Chart depicted the main trands of EV market and charging infrastructure.

"Experts' Views" HAEE series

The latest issue of "Experts' Views" was prepared by Mr. Gerassimos Thomas, Director General for Taxation and Customs Union at the European Commission.

The first opinion article of 2024, by Mr. Gerassimos Thomas, explored EU's legislation targeted at reducing emissions. The focus was on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), examining its impact on global climate efforts and its innovative design incentivizing sustainable industrial practices. 

Check out the full article, available below.

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