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The 7th EcoMobility Conference will be held on January 24, showcasing the future of sustainable transportation

The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (HAEE) and the financial portal insider.gr are co-organising the 7th edition of EcoMobility Conference, on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, at the Hellenic Motor Museum, a unique venue that highlights in the best possible way the automotive evolution through the years.

Considering the most recent advancements in the market and emphasizing the pivotal role of ecomobility in the evolution of daily life, the Conference will prioritize on four thematic pillars: Infrastructure Talks, Transport Talks, Innovation Talks & Safety Talks.

As every year, the Conference will convene representatives of the central and local government, automotive industry and charging infrastructure, logistics companies, public transport organizations, university bodies and research institutions.

👉 For more detailed information about the confirmed speakers and the agenda of the Conference, you may visit our website here.

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⚡ Energy Insights

Looking for some riveting energy related articles to read? We 've gathered for you some links from the international scene.

World Energy Outlook 2023 – Analysis - IEA

IEA's flagship report on the global energy markets. Provides in-depth analysis and strategic insights into every aspect of the global energy system. Against a backdrop of geopolitical tensions and fragile energy markets, this year’s report explores how structural shifts in economies and in energy use are shifting the way that the world meets rising demand for energy.


World Energy Transitions Outlook 2023: 1.5°C Pathway, Volume 2

IRENA discusses the socio-economic impacts of IRENA’s Paris Agreement-compliant 1.5°C Scenario, compared to the Planned Energy Scenario (PES), using the scenario roadmaps from Volume 1. This new volume provides policymakers with insights into how economic activity, employment and wellbeing may be affected under the 1.5°C pathway, compared to current policy settings. 


EU imports of energy products - latest developments - Statistics Explained

Discusses the European energy import dynamics within Q3 2023. This article provides information on aspects such as the key suppliers and import volumes per commodity.


Securing Minerals for the Energy Transition | World Economic Forum

This report identifies 10 high-priority risk management strategies for access to minerals essential for the ongoing energy transition. These minerals are key to many of the technologies that must be scaled to achieve rapid decarbonization and attain net-zero targets.


The Role of E-fuels in Decarbonising Transport – Analysis - IEA

This report resents a techno-economic assessment of a family of emerging e-fuel technologies. It assesses the implications in terms of needed cost reductions, resources and infrastructure investments of an assumed ambitious goal of achieving a 10% share of e-fuels in aviation and shipping by 2030.


World Energy Transitions Outlook 2023: 1.5°C Pathway

provides an overview of progress by tracking implementation and gaps across all energy sectors, and identifies priority areas and actions based on available technologies that must be realised by 2030 to achieve net zero emissions by mid-century.

📰 Energy Market News

Editorial: The bet of normalizing energy cost

In 2023 power and gas prices were reduced significantly compared to the energy crisis of 2022. The European TTF gas contract is now at around 35 euros/MWh compared to 300 in August 2022, while the wholesale power price in Greece is around 100 euros/MWh, down from about 400 euros during that period. Regardless, even if inflation is taken into account, prices have not returned to the 2015-2019 average, a fact that puts pressure on consumers of all categories; industrial, commercial and households.

The government's plan to create the so-called Green Pool and offer PPAs to industries was not accepted initially by the European Commission. Greek industry players have underlined that PPAs are a part of the solution to address high energy cost, but they cannot be the only solution since the wholesale price is now at a level that does not make these instruments as attractive as last year.

Nevertheless, all market players acknowledge that renewables are the way forward in order to reduce cost, since they are the cheapest power production technologies. It is rather striking that 4,628 contracts were signed between the operator DAPEEP and renewable producers after 2021 for a median system cost of 13.4 euros/MWh compared to 15,300 older contracts who had a cost of 127.6 euros/MWh. This huge difference underscores the maturation of renewable technologies (wind, solar) in recent years, as well as the success of support mechanisms that have been implemented.

Moving forward, the big bet is for new renewable technologies to follow the same curve, especially hydrogen, in order for the entire cost of renewables plus the grid to be competitive to fossil fuels. Greek companies appear very active and interested in these developments, judging from their numerous projects, such as pilot hydrogen plants, battery installations, investments in renewable gases etc.

📘 In Review

Chart of the Month | Vol.20

Presenting our Chart of the Month Vol. 20, in the Side Event organized by the HAEE team and the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy at the Greek Pavillion in COP28, was a remarkable way to conclude the year. This special edition, powered by Deloitte, gives a more detailed outlook of the Greek energy market towards 2030 and 2050 across a range of subjects related to energy.

In Focus Issue 4
The fourth edition of In Focus is titled “Assessing the Energy Transition of the Greek Islands”, showcasing the various aspects of the islands' energy transition. It delves into the energy policies, regulatory frameworks, current status, and plans for interconnecting the islands with the mainland grid over the next decade.
As always, the standard version of the report, including the valuable contributions of our Members is open to all.

The full version, including the scientific section prepared by HAEE team, is available only for HAEE Members.

Enjoy reading! 

"Experts' Views" HAEE series

The latest issue of "Experts' Views" was prepared by Dr. Panagiotis Grammelis, Director of Research at the Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute of CERTH.

Dr. Grammelis deeply analyzed the pivotal role of research in energy transition. The shift toward achieving climate neutrality by 2050 underscores the central role of energy. Research and innovation play a key role in providing the necessary solutions and system changes, comprehensive analysis and robust application synthesis.

Check out the full article, available below.

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