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Call for Submissions at the 8th HAEE Energy Transition Symposium

The 8th HAEE Energy Transition Symposium is a premier platform for academicians, researchers and students to present their academic paper and research findings to an international audience.

The Call for Papers is now accepting submissions. Review the list of topics to be addressed and submit your abstract until March 20, 2023. 

All authors may submit a paper for consideration in the Best Paper Αward Competition. Stay tuned on HAEE's website and social media for more information to follow.

⚡ Energy Insights

Looking for some riveting energy related articles to read? We 've gathered for you some links from the international scene.

Global landscape of renewable energy finance 2023

A record 1.3 trillion USD was invested globally in energy transition technologies in 2022, including energy efficiency. To achieve climate and development goals, however, financing for renewables must be doubled. Global landscape of renewable energy finance 2023 provides recommendations to scale up public funds and channel them more towards developing economies.


CO2 Emission in 2022

Global growth in emissions was not as high as some had originally feared amid the disruptions caused by the global energy crisis. Combining the IEA’s estimates of CO2 emissions from all energy sources and industrial processes, as well as providing information on energy-related methane and nitrous oxide emissions, CO2 Emission in 2022 report provides a complete picture of energy related greenhouse gas emissions.


Energy Outlook 2023

The recent interruption of the world's energy supply and its effects on global pricing are considered in Energy Outlook 2023, along with its influence on the energy transition through 2050. Three scenarios are investigated and analyzed: Accelerated, Net Zero and New Momentum.


IEA Government Energy Spending Tracker

Energy affordability has become the focus of new energy-related government investment as a result of the global energy crisis. Governments throughout the world have passed economic recovery policies from the start of the Covid-19 crisis until October 2022, totaling USD 1 215 billion in clean energy investment support. The fourth and latest update of the IEA Government Energy Spending Tracker.

📰 Energy Market News

Editorial: A paradigm change or another temporary crisis?

Editorial: The current discussion about changing the power market model

The European Commission has already commenced a public consultation about changing the model of the European power market, with many corporations and bodies already participating.

According to the current landscape, European bodies (ACER, CEER) and Eurelectric do not want a change of the current model and they ask for marginal pricing to remain as the basis in the wholesale market. Renewables bodies move in the same direction, but there are some differences when it comes to the best possible tools to achieve the goal of reducing energy cost and make it more predictable over time.

At the center of this discussion are Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) that set a specific price between a consumer and a producer, but also Contracts for Difference (CfD), where the state sets a price and then the producer either returns money to the state everytime the market price is higher, or gets paid when the price is lower.

Renewable bodies have said that they do not want these contracts to become mandatory, but they prefer to freely choose the tools in order to attain long term viability for their investments. The Commission has asked about the possibility of mandatory PPAs and CfDs, but so far, the majority of the private sector has moved against it.

Therefore, the issue must also be analyzed from a political perspective. Right now, an alliance of northern European states under Germany has been formed, who ask for maintaining the current market model, while southern European countries are in favor of a more radical approach.

The result of this fight will be shown in March, when the Commission's consultation will be over and Brussels will present its final proposal. Given the fact that this proposal will set the course of the market for the following decades, it is of high importance.

Read all the major energy market news from the past two months.

📘 In Review

Chart of the Month | Vol.13

Each month we shine a light on a new topic of the energy sector by analysing the data and exploring possible implications. This small monthly publication is all about data visualisation of today's most intriguing trends.

For January, the Chart analyzed Natural Gas and LNG flows to EU-27 in 2022.

New HAEE series "Experts' Views"

In January, HAEE launched a new series entitled "Experts' Views", comprised of opinion articles on energy economics, delivered by top energy experts. Our goal is to offer the most stimulating and interesting points of view, contributing, as always, to knowledge sharing and dialogue promotion. 

The first opinion article was by Mr. Nikos Tsafos, chief energy adviser to the Prime Minister of Greece. Read below "What’s Next for European Energy Security Policy".

EcoMobility Special Issue 2023

The HAEE team recorded the developments of ecomobility's market and legislative framework for EU and Greece in "EcoMobility Special Issue 2023". This edition was prepared in the framework of the 6th EcoMobility Conference that was organized by the HAEE and insider.gr, on 18 January 2023, at the Hellenic Motor Museum.

The report was published as a special issue in e-magazine gMotion by Gazzetta and is available only in Greek.

Enjoy reading! 

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