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The 17th IAEE European Conference was completed with great success

The 17th IAEE European Energy Conference which was co-organized by the Hellenic and the International Association for Energy Economics and was held from September 21 to 24 at The American College of Greece, came to a successful completion.

With the physical presence of over 400 participants, the conduction of 17 discussion panels and the presentations of 178 academic papers, the Conference hosted a truly international audience, consisting of influential figures from the field of politics, industry, research and entrepreneurship, active in Greece, Europe and globally, and functioned as a platform for open dialogue and deep understanding of the new global energy reality.

⚡ Energy Insights

Looking for some riveting energy related articles to read? We 've gathered for you some links from the international scene.

The Scramble to End Russian Reliance: Part 2 | ICIS

In part two of this insight series, ICIS’ team of cross-commodity analysts examine what factors need to be in place and adjust to ensure security of gas supply in Europe through March 2023. The report includes suggestions on what policy and market-based incentives need to be in play for gas demand cuts to be achieved.


A grand bargain to steer through the European Union’s energy crisis (bruegel.org)

The current crisis looks set to leave behind it a radically different system, but what that system will look like remains an open question. An integrated European approach and a coordinated plan is essential to address the crisis, and the authors argue in this report that European Union leaders must strike a grand energy bargain based on four broad principles.


Consultation Response - REPowerEU chapters in the Recovery and Resilience Plans (bellona.org)

Bellona Europa welcomes the ongoing efforts by the European Commission and the opportunity to provide recommendations on the REPowerEU update to the Recovery and Resilience plans, which are outlined in this report.


New Generation | Clean Power Europe 2035 | Ember (ember-climate.org)

In this data rich report, Ember argue that a clean power system (70-80% wind and solar) by 2035 should be at the core of energy planning for a net-zero continent by mid-century, based on modelling of least-cost power system pathways.


Electricity Market Report - July 2022 – Analysis - IEA

In this 6-monthly report, IEA present their latest forecasts for global electricity demand, supply and emissions through 2023. In light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, they also provide a special focus on the situation in Europe, discussing recent developments and future plans.


Global Hydrogen: Trade Outlook for 2050 and Way Forward (IRENA)

IRENA’s latest report on hydrogen explores key actions and milestones in relation to market creation, infrastructure and regulation, certification, technology, cost gaps and financing. It reveals that the most influential and uncertain parameter is the cost of capital and the differential between countries.

📰 Energy Market News

Editorial: A paradigm change or another temporary crisis?

French president Emmanuel Macron, warned recently that this is "the end of abundance", signaling a new and radically different landscape not just for energy supply, but for the economy as a whole. Given that the energy crisis affects all other sectors and has led to a steep rise of persistent inflation, his remarks should be taken into account.

According to most experts, it would be very hard to repair the West-Russia relationship given the war in Ukraine, therefore a large chunk of global energy is now permanently off limits to many nations. This means that other producers, both conventional and renewable, will be hard pressed to cover the gap from the loss of Russian production. At the same time, new technologies, such as renewables, storage and hydrogen, will take years to achieve desired results and until then high prices and low availability could be permanent. However, in this new reality, there are certain technologies and mindsets that are going to get a huge boost. One of them is energy saving both on a personal and collective level.

In this regard, the energy crisis can also act as an opportunity to create a more robust and stable energy sector with long term benefits.

Read all the major energy market news from the past two months.

📘 In Review

Chart of the Month | Vol.8

Each month we shine a light on a new topic of the energy sector by analysing the data and exploring possible implications. This small monthly publication is all about data visualisation of today's most intriguing trends.

For August, the Chart focused on EU’s electricity mix in the last two years.

New online publication from HAEE!

HAEE launched a new online publication "In Focus", dedicated to contribute to knowledge advancement of energy economics. The first issue "The European Energy Security in the spotlight" adumbrates the reasons that led to the EU’s dependency on Russian natural gas, delves into the implications of the Russia-Ukraine war in Europe, examines the possible challenges and limitations that the REPowerEU plan may entail and highlights the possible opportunities for Greece to overcome the energy crisis and be transformed into a regional energy hub.

The South East Energy Forum 2022

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics, in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy to Greece and in strategic partnership with the Atlantic Council and the Global Energy Institute of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have sucessfully organized the 6th Southeast Europe Energy Forum (SEEF2022) on Friday, September 9, 2022, at the MET Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece. 

Governmental, diplomatic, academic and business representatives from SE Europe countries met at SEEF2022 to discuss all hot energy issues, from energy rising cost to LNG, renewables resources and political cooperation and synergies needed.

For the recorded sessions, the agenda and our distinguished speakers, visit our website below.

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