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“Everything that an investor needs to know about the Greek Energy Market”


The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (HAEE) is proud to announce that the “Greek Energy Market Report 2020” is now available to all, at HAEE's website, free of charge.

This 2nd version of the Report is based on the successful edition of 2019, taking into account the severe impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on all aspects of the analysis. The report offers an analytical overview of the wide spectrum of the Greek Energy market, stepping on the most recent data. In nine distinct chapters, the Report covers the energy sector of the country:

Ch. 1: Key demographic, macroeconomic and energy statistics compose Greece’s Country Profile

Ch. 2: Presentation of the National Plan for Energy and Climate and the targets towards Energy Transition

Ch. 3: The role of the newly established Hellenic Energy Exchange 

Ch. 4: Highlights of the Electricity sector

Ch. 5: The Natural Gas sector developments, its liberalization, the factors affecting its supply, demand, prices and the expansion of the market

Ch. 6: The RES penetration to the Greek market and the recent regulatory framework  

Ch. 7: The role of the Oil and Refinery market and its ongoing importance for the country

Ch. 8: Detailed analysis of the Energy Efficiency targets in transportation, industry and households

Ch. 9: The energy Investments landscape in Greece, taking into consideration international and European trends

You can download free of charge the Greek Energy Market Report 2020.

The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics extends its sincere gratitude to the National Bank of Greece for its financial support for the publication of the 2020 Greek Energy Market Report.

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