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Samuele Furfari

Professor Samuele Furfari is a Chemical Engineer from the Free University of Brussels. He received his Ph.D. from the same university with a thesis in the field of energy. Between 1982 to 2018, he was a senior official at the Energy Directorate-General of the European Commission where he has devoted an entire career to energy technology and policy.

Since 2003 he is a professor of energy geopolitics and energy politics at the Free University of Brussels. He also lectures at various university.

He is the author of 10 books on energy and sustainable development and many articles.
Since 2019 he is President of the European society of engineers and industrialists.
He is Knight of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland.

Samuele Furfari

Professor of the Geopolitics of Energy,
Universite de Bruxelles

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